19 Stunning Wedding Dresses Ball Gown Lace Designs To Try Out

Guide your inner princess and use the ball gown wedding dress to create your dream wedding day, exude luxurious charm, elegant style and timeless exquisiteness. From lace-embellished gowns to mesh layers with sheer pleats and fully textured cuts, the ball gowns come in a variety of styles to suit and compliment petite women and curves, sexy brides. Strapless, sleeveless or short-sleeved bodice, prom dresses are eye-catching, stealing spotlights, and seemingly out of date in timeless wedding photos.

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The prom dresses with sleeves are making a comeback, they are the ultimate attraction for modern brides, with a retro-style feel and a love of classic looks. The Val Stefani and Simply Val Stefani collections include sleeved prom dresses, separate prom dresses and moderate bridal pieces that can be paired together to create any style you want. Find the perfect bodice and prom dress with a separate component, or choose a one-piece dress in a loose style. No matter what look you want, Val Stefani makes it easy to exude a luxurious elegance with a modern and classic look.

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