Seeds, sap, petals, stems… The benefits of flowers at the service of the skin

tals, stems and roots perform feats.

They already sublimate our perfumes and now invite themselves into our jars of cream. Seeds, sap, petals, stems and roots perform feats there. Small high cutting selection.

The red camellia to revitalize

Red camellia prevents and slows down the first signs of aging while protecting cell vitality.
Red camellia prevents and slows down the first signs of aging while protecting cell vitality.
  • Who is he ? A force of nature which, in its flamboyant petals, hides an extraordinary phytochemical richness and fears neither water nor cold. Since the 19th century and Alexandre Dumas, the emblematic flower of Coco Chanel continues to resist time.
  • Where does it bloom? First in the camellia farm of Gaujacq, in the Landes. Since 1998, Chanel has been carrying out a large-scale project there with world expert Jean Thoby, and cultivates it using agroecological cultivation methods. In its scarlet version, it energizes the new No. 1 line.
  • What does it do? Red camellia prevents and slows down the first signs of aging while protecting cell vitality. Healthy skin insurance for 30-somethings.

The water lily to purify

The water lily is able to purify and oxygenate the water in which it bathes.
  • Who is he ? The lily of the ponds, a water moon… This aquatic divinity has “impressed” painters and poets since the dawn of time. The ancients recommended it to better support celibacy, hence its nickname of monk’s herb with sedative and soothing properties. But the water lily has another equally interesting power: it is able to purify and oxygenate the water in which it bathes.
  • Where does it bloom? In La Mousse Off/On by Dior with water lily, from the new Dior Latour-Marliac garden, in Lot-et-Garonne. This first water nursery in Europe, founded in 1875, once inspired Monet for Giverny.
  • What is he doing ? The Nymphaea alba plenissima extract comes from its rhizomes and is immediately treated with liquid nitrogen to preserve its molecules. In this creamy cleansing foam, it works with cornflower and licorice to release impurities, trap heavy metals, detoxify the skin, strengthen its barrier function and soothe. Ideal for moisturizing combination skin. Its cousin, the water lily, is also found in the Aquabella range by Nuxe and La Canopée Concentrated Cream with plumping active ingredients.

The sacred lotus to harmonize

The lotus is widely used for its medicinal properties has extraordinary resilience abilities.
  • Who is he ? It is often confused with the water lily, but this legendary flower widely used for its medicinal properties has extraordinary resilience capacities. Its seeds even hold the record for longevity. Where does it bloom? From May to October in Laos, where Kenzo has secured a channel on the banks of the Mekong River. And now in the new Kenzoki range, which for its 20th anniversary has been completely reformulated.
  • What hasn’t changed? Everything that was pioneering at the time, the pure and modern design, the exquisite rice steam fragrance, the sensoriality of the formulas. Except that everything is much more virtuous.
  • What is he doing ? The aqueous extract is free radical-scavenging, the oily extract reinforces the cutaneous barrier… Associated with the extract of big mallow, with hyaluronic acid or rice peptides, the sacred lotus regulates the water flow, smoothes fine lines, feed as needed.

The rose to regenerate

The rose hasn’t revealed all its secrets.
  • Who is she ? No need to introduce the queen of gardens, the icon of femininity who enchants perfumes, beautifies the skin and makes you dream, among others at Dior, Sisley, by Terry, Sanoflore, Melvita… She is above all the Lancôme signature . Think we know everything about the diva? Far from there.
  • Where does it bloom? From organic farming, the Rose Perpétuelle Absolue Lancôme grows on the plateau of Valensole, in Provence. And unlike other strains, this warrior flowers almost all year round. Thanks to a patented waterless green chemistry process, Lancôme has managed to capture its unique vital force to create an exclusive extract.
  • What is she doing ? It activates AMPK, a molecule present in the skin, which controls three essential functions, energy, regeneration and cellular defense. It can counter a number of mechanisms related to aging. Combined with antioxidant rosewood and Pro-Xylane, it is Absolue Le Sérum’s secret of youth.

The orchid to lengthen the time

The orchid oxygenates the skin and prolongs cellular longevity by stimulating all its key functions
  • Who is she ? A star who has a huge family of 30,000 species. Despite its apparent fragility, it conceals molecular treasures that traditional medicine has been using for centuries and that Guerlain has been studying for fifteen years.
  • Where does it bloom? Originally, in the mountains of Yunnan, China, then in the Orchidarium Guerlain, in Geneva, before investing in the Orchidée Impériale line, the brand’s anti-aging must-have. For the fifth generation, she has selected a duo of exceptional orchids, including the Dendrobium fimbriatum, which never dies.
  • What is she doing ? This new molecular extract, which concentrates all the constituents of the plant, oxygenates the skin and prolongs cell longevity by stimulating all its key functions. All with a 96% natural formula, with extreme sensoriality and super clinical results, especially on density.

it’s the bouquetLemon balm, yarrow, peppermint, veronica officinalis, large mallow, primrose officinalis… Valmont’s new Luminosity range includes no less than seven alpine plants to even out the complexion and correct imperfections. Their conductor? White mulberry, well known for its anti-dullness action. To be tested thanks to four radiance treatments and an institute protocol for those who want to turn the light back on.